Mar 22, 2021
New paper out in Frontiers in Immunology! Kumra Ahnlide et al. A Predictive Model of Antibody Binding in the Presence of IgG-Interacting Bacterial Surface Proteins.

Jan 01, 2021
New paper out in Journal of Immunology! de Neergaard et al. High-Sensitivity Assessment of Phagocytosis by Persistent Association-Based Normalization.

Nov 02, 2020
We have received funding from Vetenskapsrådet for the project “Effective immune response to bacterial infections”, led by Pontus Nordenfelt. We are very happy for the continued support of our research from the Swedish Research Council.

Apr 14, 2020
New paper out in Nature Communications! Du Rietz et al. A. Imaging small molecule-induced endosomal escape of siRNA.

April 08, 2020
We have received funding for COVID-19 related research from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation together with SciLifeLab. As a step towards fighting COVID-19, SciLifeLab is now coordinating research efforts across the entire spectra of how viral diseases are tackled; everything from developing alternative diagnostic methods and treatments; to mapping how the genetic material of the virus changes over time, and creating biobanks with patient samples for future research endeavors. We will attempt to make new antibodies from convalescent patients’ cells.

December 10, 2019
We have received funding from the Swedish Research Council for the research environment “Multiscale biomechanics from molecules to cells in cancer”. The team consist of coordinator Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt (Physics), Ass. Prof. Vinay Swaminathan, Assoc. Prof. Pontus Nordenfelt and Assoc. Prof. Chris Madsen, we will test the relationship between the bio-mechanical phenotypes of cancer cell populations, cell lines as well as metastasized circulating tumor cells (CTCs) the fundamental cellular property of directed cell migration and investigate the molecular mechanisms that govern these properties. We will combine unique technological advances from microfluidics and advanced optical microscopy, including super resolution microscopy to shed new light on a central disease mechanism, and in the end open up for novel diagnostics and more precise treatments of cancer.

Dec 2, 2019
We have received funding from the Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden) for our project “Development of microscopy-based tools for deciphering role of integrin-based signaling heterogeneity in cancer”. The most important reason why cancer kills is the generation of metastatic cells and their subsequent spread from the primary tumor site. We will build and develop novel tools for automated and quantitative high-resolution live microscopy of migrating cancer cells.

Nov 27, 2019
New paper out in Journal of Visualized Experiments! Mohanty et al. Automated Image-Based Quantification of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Using NETQUANT.

Oct 31, 2019
We have received funding from the Swedish Research Council for our project “Morphology and virulence among bacteria”. Bacterial morphology has been used for long time to classify bacterial species and strains. However, it has not been investigated to any great extent what benefits different morphologies confer to the bacteria or what challenges they may face for certain morphologies. In a collaboration between Physics (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt) and Medicine (Ass Prof Pontus Nordenfelt) we will study the effect of morphology of bacteria and bacterial clusters by advanced microfluidics for sorting of the bacteria as a function of their physical properties, followed by detailed investigations of their interaction with the human cell lines as a function of their properties. The aim is to gain knowledge how the physical properties of the bacteria affect their interaction with the host.

June 21, 2019
New paper out in Nature Communications! Happonen et al. A quantitative Streptococcus pyogenes-human protein-protein interaction map reveals localization of opsonizing antibodies. 

May 1, 2019
Sebastian Wrighton joins the lab as a PhD student with a focus on the role of IgA in terms of infection biology.

March 6, 2019
Therese de Neergaard receives the Anders Wall award!

January 21, 2019
Vibha Kumra Ahnlide joins the lab as a PhD student with a focus on machine-learning approaches for microscopy analysis.

December 12, 2018
We got a large grant from VR for new research environment within infection and antibiotic research! Great constellation with the groups of Anders Håkansson, Oonagh Shannon, Adam Linder, Johan Malmström and Pontus Nordenfelt.

November 6-7, 2018
Pontus Nordenfelt was a scientific organizer for the large annual research days at Lund University, Forskningens Dag. The theme was on Sepsis. See the recorded session at the full house!

November 1, 2018
We have a sister lab! The recently recruited WCMM fellow Vinay Swaminathan ( has joined Lund University and decided to join forces (no pun intended) with us. Exciting research within mechanobiology, adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics await!

September 1, 2018
Oscar André joins the lab as a PhD student with a focus on systems microscopy of host-pathogen interactions.

August 21, 2018
Anders Nilsson from Qlik joins the lab as a senior consultant.

July 3, 2018
Anupam Das joins the lab as a postdoc within the SysMic project.

May 27, 2018
Pontus Nordenfelt has been elected into the Young Academy of Sweden!

May 1, 2018
Postdoc position filled. More updates coming soon.

Jan 9, 2018
Join the SysMic project: postdoc position available!

Dec 14, 2017
We received a Strategic Mobility Grant from SSF! We look forward to having Anders Nilsson from Qlik working with us on Systems Microscopy of Bacterial Infection.

Dec 11, 2017
Paper published in Nature Communications, “Direction of actin flow dictates integrin LFA-1 orientation during leukocyte migration”.

Oct 3, 2017
Paper published in PNAS, “Actin retrograde flow actively aligns and orients ligand-engaged integrins in focal adhesions”.

Oct 1, 2017
Suxun Pan joins the lab as a PhD student.

Sep 1, 2017
Wael Bahnan joins the lab as a postdoc within the epIgG project.

July 15, 2017
Large SSF grant for Systems Microscopy of Cell Migration in collaboration with Staffan Strömblad (Karolinska Institute) and others.

Jun 12, 2017
Oscar André joins the lab for summer and Master thesis work in Biomedicine.

Apr 26, 2017
Join the epIgG project: postdoc position available!

Feb 10, 2017
Book published in the Methods in Molecular Biology series, “Bacterial Pathogenesis – Methods and Protocols”.

Jan 20, 2017
Tillie Johansson starts her bachelor project in Biomedicine.

Jan 15, 2017
Therese de Neergaard joins the lab as our first PhD student.

Oct 28, 2016
Exciting news from VR (Swedish Research Council), Pontus Nordenfelt received a startup grant for the project “Capturing the first seconds of host-bacteria interactions”!

Oct 10, 2016
Paper published in Nature Communications, “Coordinated integrin activation by actin-dependent force during T cell migration”

Oct 5, 2016
We got a Wallenberg grant! “Characterization of the antibody response against epitopes at the core of host-bacteria relationships: the protein-protein interaction interfaces”. The epIgG project.

Oct 4, 2016
Martin Sundwall joins the lab as lab manager.

Sep 1, 2016
Vibha Kumra starts her bachelor project in Theoretical Physics.

Feb 25, 2016
Nordenfelt lab web site is launched.