Pontus Nordenfelt
Associate Professor

M.S.Eng, Ph.D

“I believe in finding a scientific question that truly intrigues me, and then push whatever technology is needed to address the question adequately.” 

Member of Sweden’s Young Academy (

Martin Sundwall
Lab manager

M.Sc. Molecular Biology

Projects: integrin biosensors, complement-mediated phagocytosis

“My primary task in the Nordenfelt lab is to make sure that our everyday work runs smoothly.
My area of research is molecular biology where the focus lies on cloning and genomic editing of both bacteria and eukaryotic cells to express fluorescent proteins.”

Therese de Neergaard
Ph.D. student

M.D./Ph.D student

Projects: phagocytosis and surface molecule quantification

“In my research, I am focusing on quantifying different host-pathogen interactions using phagocytosis as an interaction model. I love to gain new knowledge and to expand my horizon and as a PhD-student my aim is to learn the principles of research, both clinical and pre-clinical.”

Vibha Kumra Ahnlide
Ph.D. student

Master Physics, M.D./Ph.D student

Project: antibody binding model, super-resolution microscopy, machine-learning

I believe interdisciplinary research is capable of driving innovation and developing solutions to complex issues. As a Ph.D. student at Nordenfelt lab, I hope to contribute to the knowledge of the field by combining my experience as a physicist and medical student. My main biological focus is the function of antibodies in bacterial infections.
Oscar André
Ph.D. student

Master Biomedicine

Projects: systems microscopy of host-pathogen interactions, image analysis

Wael Bahnan

Ph.D. Immunology

Projects: epIgG, bacterial invasion

“I am studying B cell recognition of the streptococcal M protein. My research attempts at understanding different epitopes on the M protein and how they relate to infection and patient outcome. Instead of developing passive immunity antibodies the classical route, we in the Nordenfelt lab aim to develop a method by which we can easily characterize and generate human antibodies against pathogenic microbes. In my free time, I enjoy reading, fishing, hiking and playing the drums.”

Suxun Pan
Ph.D. student

Ph.D. student, Biomedicine

Projects: integrin biosensors, cancer cell migration

“Through my research, I will try to quantify and visualize the activation of human receptors during bacterial adhesion and invasion to determine the molecular mechanisms for bacterial colonization and infection.

Anupam Das

Ph.D. Cell biology

Projects: SysMic, integrin biosensors, phagocytosis

Anders Nilsson
Senior consultant

Master Physics, Qlik AB principal architect

Projects: Data analysis, development

Anita Berglund

Economy and administration

Sebastian Wrighton
Ph.D. student


Projects: IgA, host-pathogen interactions

Johannes Kumra Ahnlide
Master student

Projects: Unsupervised machine-learning-based analysis of images

Arman Izadi
Ph.D. student candidate

M.D. student


Master students
Therese de Neergaard, Medicine
Vibha Kumra, Physics
Oscar André, Biomedicine

Bachelor students
Liza Tchapanova, Biomedicine

Tillie Johansson, Biomedicine
Josefine Wahlström, Medicine
Therese de Neergaard, Medicine
Vibha Kumra, Physics
Jonas Danielsen, Biomedicine
Eoin Hughes, Erasmus

Summer students
Therese de Neergaard
Jonas Danielsen
Josefine Wahlström
Johanna Ljungberg
Vibha Kumra
Oscar André
Liza Tchapanova

Photos by Liza Tchapanova and Lund University